Listing Submission Guidelines

On this page you will find the rules and guidelines for publishing listings according to Immo Israel standards.

In adding a new listing, I commit to the following terms and conditions:

  1. To publish only one property per listing.
  2. To describe in detail the property and its characteristics.
  3. To provide as much information as possible so that visitors do not waste time on incomplete and low-quality listings.
  4. Only fill in the quick description with information that does not already appear in my listing.
  5. To share only correct information about my property; the listing must be clear and reflect reality.
  6. To publish at least one high quality photo of each room in my property.
  7. To avoid writing in capital letters, in SMS format, or in phonetics.
  8. The listing must not contain hyperlinks or links to any other websites.
  9. It is mandatory for a real estate agent or agency to register on Immo Israel as such. Likewise, it is also mandatory for the agent or agency to check the box stating his/her status when publishing a listing.
  10. Should you have opted for the “Virtual Tour” option, you agree to prepare your property before the professional photographer’s arrival by following the rules and tips presented on the page “How should I prepare my property for the photoshoot?“.
  11. When you purchase a Package, you understand that the duration of the Package applies from the day the Package is activated. Any listings added during this period will expire on the day the Package expires, unless renewed.

All listings on Immo Israel are reviewed by our team before being published. A listing that does not comply with the publication guidelines will not be approved or published.

Example of quality listings

For Rent Example

Apartment to rent in Be’er-Sheva

Cosy and well equipped 2 room apartment (one bedroom).
For sale example

Garden Duplex for sale in Be’er-Sheva

The most beautiful garden duplex in Ramot HaRehes (Be’er-Sheva).