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How Should I Prepare My Property for the Photo Shoot?

How Should I Prepare My Property for the Photo Shoot? | Blog Post | Immo Israel

Adding a virtual tour and high-quality photos is an easy and effective way to attract many visitors (virtual and real ones) to your listing and thus sell or rent your property faster. The photos taken by Immo Israel's network of professional photographers can enhance your property by highlighting all the unique details it has to offer, thus presenting it in its best light. On the following page you'll find all the best tips and advice to prepare your property before the photoshoot.

Home living room interior

Before the photoshoot

It is essential to clean and style your property before the professional photographer arrives, as these images will give visitors a first impression of your property. One of the most important things to do is depersonalize your home, as this will allow visitors to easily project themselves into your property based on the photos alone. Once there, the photographer will focus solely on capturing the perfect scene and lighting in each room.

Outdoor garden with synthetic grass

Now let's go step by step to prepare your property for the professional photographer's arrival. All our tips and tricks can of course be used to prepare your property for pictures that you would take alone. However, we strongly advise you to invest in these services, which will allow you to sell/rent more quickly and efficiently.

I. I. The essential elements

A clean and tidy home is the most important element for your photos. It's time to dress up your home!

  • Clean all surfaces (floors, work surfaces, tables, bathrooms, etc.) – cleanliness is the key to successful photos of your property at its best.
  • Declutter rooms and surfaces (kitchen counters, sinks, hide electrical wires and cables). Overcrowded surfaces shrink your space and make it look cluttered.
Golden faucet
Clean white count with Nespresso machine
  • Remove all family portraits, personal items, and children's toys. By making your home as neutral as possible, visitors will be able to project themselves into it.
  • Remove any stuffed animals, books, medications, or other items placed near the beds. Remember to make the beds with freshly washed and ironed bedding!
White couch with wooden base
Bedside table with a small plant

Did you know? roughly 60% of real estate site users look only at photos of various listings and ignore the description completely!

— Journal of Real Estate Research

II. Terraces and exterior areas

Gardens, balconies and terraces are major assets to a property, so it is important to highlight them, as well as the interior of your home.

As with the interior, it is crucial to tend to cleanliness and decluttering for outdoor photos. Clean up your balcony and spruce up your garden, making it as appealing as possible so that any site visitors looking at your photos will imagine themselves there, drinking a cool cup of lemonade on a beautiful spring day.

Remove all unnecessary items and tidy up. Add a nice table with chairs, add a potted plant or two with flowers and see the difference. Your visitors (virtual or not) can now imagine themselves sitting peacefully under the sun.


Did you know? A listing with a virtual tour reduces the selling time of the property it presents by 26%!

— Study and statistics Matterport

III. Living Spaces

  • A clean, neutral style makes it easy for interested parties to see themselves living in your property. Remove all the clutter from your table and leave only a plant or simple decorative object.
  • Open the curtains, fluff the pillows, smooth out the cushions and blankets and declutter your shelves. A few green plants and you've got a photogenic living room.
  • With regards to the kitchen, clear the space! Place all your dishes and utensils in the cupboards and leave only one or two items on the work surface (coffee machine, kettle, etc.), organized neatly.
Dining room

Did you know – a listing with photos is viewed between 3 and 5 times more than one without photos. If they are quality photos, the visits are multiplied by 10!

— REDFIN study and Real Estate Behavior Institute

IV. Rooms and bathrooms

  • In bedrooms, turn off artificial lights, open the curtains and let the natural light in. Make the bed, arrange the blankets, fluff the pillows, clear the bedside table and you're done!
  • A child's room should be welcoming, with warm tones. Put away toys on shelves and in closets, remove personal photos from the wall and leave only some neutral decorative items.
  • Regarding bathrooms, allowing natural light to enter is the best option. However, if there aren't any windows, turn on the light for the photos. Put toothpaste and toothbrushes in the closet, fold towels, and put the toilet seat down.
Child's room

Did you know? 76% of the people who like the photos they see on a listing will read the entire listing!

— Journal of Real Estate Research

Ready to make an appointment with one of our professional photographers?

As you can see, there is nothing better than high-definition photos to optimize your listing. However, the most important thing is the state of your property – quality photos of a messy, dirty, and dark interior will not attract visitors, even if these pictures are HD, and the same settings apply for the virtual tour. That's why it's very important that you follow the advice written on this page, especially if you are expecting the arrival of one of our professional real-estate photographers.

Want to add a virtual tour and quality photos to your listing? Choose our "virtual tour" option. No matter where your property is in Israel, we work with professional photographers throughout the country. So, what are you waiting for to contact us directly or choose your package?

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