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Dear clients, due to the situation in Israel, our translations are delayed as our team is on military reserve. Thank you for your patience and hoping for better days soon.

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Innovations and Major Updates on Immo Israel

Discover the latest updates on Immo Israel: attractive advertising packages, site navigation improvements, email notifications, and more!

Here at Immo Israel, our goal is to provide a superior real estate experience for all our users, whether you're an individual searching for the perfect home or a real estate agent looking to showcase your property portfolio. Today, we are thrilled to introduce several significant updates to our website, designed to further enhance our platform. Here are the details:

1. Advertising Packages for Real Estate Agents

We have completely revamped our options for real estate agents. Previously, agents had to purchase advertising on an individual basis for each property, similar to individual users. Now, with our new package options, agents can choose between highly attractive advertising plans ranging from 5 to 100 listings.

We have introduced two categories of plans: "Lite" and "Pro." Agents can select the plan that best suits their needs and enjoy greater flexibility in publishing their listings. Choosing a "Pro" plan allows you to feature listings, ensuring maximum visibility for your listings on our site.

Furthermore, we have improved the ad management process, making it simple and intuitive, yet still comprehensive. Real estate agents can choose which listing to feature and can change it freely at their discretion. Our system also indicates the number of remaining listings and offers plan modification at any time.

2. Site Navigation Improvements

We have optimized our site map for enhanced navigation. Now, when a user views the site in Hebrew, the map will also be displayed in Hebrew, providing a more seamless experience for our Israeli users. The same is true for all other languages.

3. Easy Payment Management

To streamline the payment process, we have implemented a system to store your payment information. This means you no longer have to enter it each time you add a listing or renew your plan. This update should save you time and make your future transactions smoother.

4. Email Notifications

To keep you constantly informed, we have also introduced a new email notification system. You will receive real-time updates on the status of your subscription, trial period, and renewal date.

5. Bug Fixes and Additional Improvements

Finally, we have addressed various bugs in the site’s design to ensure better aesthetic consistency throughout the site. Additionally, a number of minor fixes are sure to provide an even smoother user experience.

We still have much more in store for you. Many other updates are already in the works, including the addition of neighborhoods to the site map. Stay updated to be the first to discover all the new features we are preparing.

Thank you for your trust and loyalty to Immo Israel. We look forward to providing you with an even more rewarding and personalized experience. Stay tuned!

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