Immo Israel is a new website, founded with the intention of answering the real-estate needs of English, Hebrew and French speakers, all in one!

Do you want to publish a listing? Here are a few simple steps you need to follow:

Create an account

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Create an account as an owner, a real estate agent or agency, depending on your profile. In order to do that, click here. Complete your profile afterwards.

Describe your property

Vous souhaitez publier une annonce ? Voici les étapes à suivre sur Immo Israël

Go to submit property, you can now enter the important details about your property and upload images.

Publish a listing

Vous souhaitez publier une annonce ? Voici les étapes à suivre sur Immo Israël

Your listing is ready! You can publish and modify it at any time, with no additional costs.

What services do we provide?

Real estate listings in Israel

Real Estate listings

Whether you are an individual wishing to sell your property or a Real Estate agent, with Immo Israel you can publish your first listing for free!

Automatic translation

Automatic translation

Thanks to our advanced translation service, you can advertise your property in English, and it will be translated (correctly!) into French and Hebrew automatically. This enables you to triple your outreach with no extra effort on your behalf and allows you to rest assured that all the important details included in your listing will be retained, unlike using online translation services which most often cause distortions and mislead customers.

High-quality real estate ads in Israel

High-quality listings

Immo Israel is above all a quality real estate site. We only accept detailed listings which include photos and complete details of the properties for sale/rent. This allows for clear and precise listings, allowing both property owners/ seekers and real estate agents to save precious time.

Tailored subscriptions

Tailored subscriptions (Coming soon!)

With Immo Israel you can choose from a variety of subscriptions, tailored to different needs. Whether you are an individual with one or several properties, a real estate agent or a real estate agency, you can be sure to find an ideal subscription for you. Customize your package by choosing the options that suit you.

VIP options (Coming soon!)

Immo Israel offers many exclusive and innovative VIP options and services to take your listing to the next level! The services offered include a virtual tour of the property, real estate drone video coverage, real estate guidance, customized number of listings and photos, and featured listings. Property owners who opt for the special VIP options available only on Immo Israel sell/rent their properties much sooner when compared to those who don’t!

Property comparison in Israel

Property comparison

Are you looking for a house or an apartment? You can directly compare different properties by clicking on the small “Add for comparison” tab, present on each listing. You can then compare the chosen properties on the “Compare Real Estate” page, under the “Your Account” tab in the menu. You can compare up to 3 properties at once.

Online messaging between owners and buyers

Online messaging

Directly contact the owner of the property you are interested in, online. This saves you the tiresome process of registering and dialing dozens of phone numbers whilst also ensuring that the owner knows exactly which property you are inquiring about. Need help translating your messages? No problem, our team is here to help you. You can also contact the owner directly on WhatsApp via the link appearing on the listing.

Save your favorite listings

Save your favorite listings

Are you interested in several properties? Add them to your favorites by clicking on the small heart located at the bottom right of each listing. You can then see them collectively via your dashboard and via the “Your Account” tab in the menu.

Collaborations between real estate agents and property seekers in Israel, France, and the rest of the world


Immo Israel is a website created in collaboration with Real Estate agents and owners, which allows visitors to discover properties of the highest quality while obtaining a personalized follow-up.

Property owners

Do you have a home for sale or rent?

First, create an account and choose your package. You can then create your first listing and publish it directly. Once translated and proofread by our team, your listing will be put online.

Property seekers

Looking for a house or an apartment?

Check out the listings published by individuals and real estate agents. You can search them directly according to your preferences, by area on a map, or by running a quick search.