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Immo Israel is a project edited and published by Rheims and Cohen LTD.

The idea of creating Immo Israel came to Patrick Rheims in 2021, following his struggle to buy a house in Israel following his Aliyah with Martine, his wife. Because he was not fluent in Hebrew, finding a house via unclear listings on Israeli websites and contacting the owners, who did not understand a word of what he said, was not an easy task. This experience led him to the idea to create a real estate listings website, adapted to French and English speakers in Israel, in order to make life easier for both foreign and Israeli people. After sharing his idea with his children (Shlomi, Yoav, and Tali) and Itai Cohen, a friend and real estate agent, Rheims and Cohen LTD was founded and subsequently, so was Immo Israel.

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