Immo Israel offers English speakers wishing to buy, rent or invest in a property in Israel unique and efficient real estate services. Whether you are in Europe or in Israel, our team will accompany you in all the necessary steps to buy or rent properties, and with all accompanying services such as dealing with real estate agencies, organizing visits to the property, and working on the interior design of your property. Contact our team now for more information.

Client Success Story

Consider the example of Mrs. Cohen (name changed for the article) who is currently a client at Immo Israel. This investor, in her thirties, is living in Netanya, and wanted to invest in an apartment that she could then rent out, for the purpose of paying back her loan, while earning money on the rental. Given the astronomical prices of apartments in the center of Israel, Mrs. Cohen chose to buy a small two-room apartment in Be’er-Sheva, which is situated in close proximity to Ben Gurion University and therefore ideal for the student populace of the town (read our article on “How to invest in Be’er-Sheva” for further insights). In view of the distance between Be’er Sheva and her current location, Mrs. Cohen entrusted us with the task of visiting the apartment she was interested in. Our team arrived at the property promptly and sent her photos as well as all the essential information about the property that she was interested in, in order for her to decide on whether or not to invest in it. As Mrs. Cohen was happy with the property, we assisted her with the process of purchasing it after which, we took care of cleaning, refurbishing and fully furnishing the apartment, according to the budget she provided. Finally, our team hired the services of a professional photographer for taking photos of the new property, publishing the listing on Immo Israel (of course) as well as on social media, in order to find an interested tenant. We also handled the discussions with the interested parties and the visits to the apartment. It is important to highlight here that all this was handled by our team without Mrs. Cohen needing to visit the apartment even once! Her confidence in our team and our professionalism allowed her to buy and rent an apartment without any difficulty and without having to go through the hassle of travelling back and forth between Netanya and Be’er-Sheva.

Before and after pictures of the apartment

Mrs. Cohen’s case is just one example of the many client success stories we have. If you are interested in a personalized accompaniment, do not hesitate to contact us.

Services included in our real estate services

Interior design and furnishing

  • Complete cleaning of the property
  • Purchase and installation of air conditioning (Mazganim)
  • Interior design according to the budget

Setting up contacts

  • Lawyer specialized in real estate
  • Real estate agencies
  • Architect
  • Construction

Help in Hebrew

  • Documents
  • Help with administration

Visits to the property

  • Pre-purchase visits
  • Visits for tenants